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Sasha Sloan Only Child

Debut Album Out Now

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I wanted to create a space for us to have a dialogue. If you have anything you want to tell me, a poem you wrote, lyrics to a song etc. you can send me a message here and I’ll read it. I know life can get tricky at times and this year in particular has been rough so if you’re even just having a bad day and want to vent about it I’m here to listen. This space will continue to evolve as you guys send me more and I can’t wait to read everything! Love you guys.

Sasha XX

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Only Child (Album)
Only Child (Album)
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Self Portrait EP
Self Portrait EP
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Sad Girl EP
Sad Girl EP
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Loser EP
Loser EP
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Matter To You (Official Video)
Hypochondriac (Lyric Video)
Is It Just Me? (Official)
Is It Just Me? (Lyric Video)
House With No Mirrors (Acoustic Video)
House With No Mirrors (Official Video)
House With No Mirrors (Lyric Video)
Lie (Acoustic Video
Lie (Official Video)
Lie (Lyric)
Dancing With Your Ghost (Live Performance) | Vevo
Too Sad To Cry (Live Performance) | Vevo
Smiling When I Die (Official)
Too Sad To Cry (Lyric)
Thank God (Lyric)
Keep On (Lyric Video)
smiling when i die (Acoustic Video)
smiling when i die (Lyric)
Dancing With You Ghost (Acoustic Video)
at least i look cool (Official Video)
at least i look cool (Lyric)
Dancing With Your Ghost (Lyric)
Thoughts (Acoustic)
Thoughts (Official)
Older (Acoustic)
Older (Official)
Older (Lyric)
Faking It (Official)
Normal (Official)
Ready Yet (Official)
The Only (Official)
Chasing Parties (Lyric)
Runaway (Vertical)